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Ad-Block Absolution
Patrons donating just $1.00 per month are giving about 1,000X more to Tolarian Community College than every ad they could possibly watch in a month.  Therefo...

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You get access to the Patreon page and get to help vote to decide what the bonus videos are about.  You also get invites to the Google Hangouts and all other Patron-only events.

Signed Card From The Professor!

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Signed card!  Many Magic: The Gathering players ask the question, "You are never at a GP near me! I can't get cards signed by you!" Hahaha, that's not a question, friend, but it is true.  If you'd ...

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You can't buy grades at Tolarian Community College, but our Dean is happy to put your name on the list of benefactors at the end of every episode*.

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