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About Tom Magee


So this one time I made a short four page comic about a skate spot, got way too hyped on the idea and I guess here we are.
Now, I'm committing my precious social time to continuing the story, a briscore webcomic saga epic battle royale mode called...

I'm currently putting out 666 pages of the story available for free to read on my site, but for just $1 or more you can read pages of this story a whole two months ahead of time!

And as a way of thanking everyone who reads and supports the series, I've set up a really dope and sick and rad rewards system here on Patreon.
Essentially I've turned it into a little game, with achievements and levels!
(See below for more info)

I thrive on creative input, and you guys are my closest fans so involving you in the process makes this whole experience more fun for everyone!
And the more you guys are into it; the greater, I hope, the story we'll make.

The first two books/volumes are being written and vol.1 is underway!
If you haven't yet, go catch up on here or via this feed Brain Drain -

Here's a schedule!


How Tiers Work

Every tier of rewards is a higher level of access to the content I make, with $1 subs getting to read BD early, and $20 getting monthly updates on secret projects, monthly live-streams and occasional mini tuts, access to the Brain Drain script as it gets written, and the ability to vote on polls that affect the direction of Brain Drain or my other work.

How Achievements Work
For the $5+ tier
when you sub for 3 months I'll send you a special gift pack that relates to the Brain Drain story thus far, it'll be unique to you so everyone receives something different but of equal value. This could be a print of unseen art, or a pack of Brain Drain character cards, or an artist's "care package" of pens n junk... anything really!

When you continue to sub for 7 months total you'll get something of greater value, then again at 12 months!

Each achievement also comes with a discount for a purchase at my shop, Die Station.


In order to be counted for achievements you must have a shipping address on your patreon profile or have messaged me one to use instead! (rewards can be sent retroactively if you're already signed up and wanna go do that now)


Instagram / TOMAGEE.COM / Twitter

$31.74 of $66.67 per month
Covers the monthly subscription to all Adobe CC apps, allowing me to make more diverse content like videos and animations, both for you guys and professional clients!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts

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