Tom & Emily are creating things that hide in the woods

Obscura Creaturae

$1 /mo
You'll have access to our patron only feed, this includes work in progress photos, updates on what we're doing and the Obscura Creaturae (an ever growing catalogue of the lore behind our creatures)


$5 /mo
A scrivener to the arts! You can listen to our bi-monthly Podcast and at the end of each month we put together a PDF tutorial on something we've worked on.

Troll Market Trader (UK Only)

$15 /mo
For this reward we'll be sending you a high quality resin cast mini of our own design! Our minis are hand sculpted, moulded, cast and painted by us. As Patrons you'll get  exclusive colour schemes ...

Troll Market Trader (Outside of UK)

$20 /mo
Exactly the same as the Troll Market Trader for the UK except with a little more postage included!

Cryptid Creeper (UK Only)

$40 /mo
You deserve our greatest thanks! To assist you in your hunt for all things bizarre and fantastic, you'll receive a resin cast bust along with everything included in the previous tiers!


Cryptid Creeper (Outside of UK)

$60 /mo
Exactly the same as the UK version with a little more added postage!