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Non-coercion, freed markets, critical thought.

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Who are you?

My name's Tomasz Kaye. I made the animations  George Ought to Help, Edgar the Exploiter, and You Can Always Leave. Right now I'm working on an animation explaining how Bitcoin works*.

What are you asking for and what do I get?

By joining the other patrons you'll be helping me to make animations promoting radically freed markets and the abolition of institutionalized threats of violence against peaceful people.

The response to my previous videos has convinced me that there's a significant audience out there who are curious and receptive to these ideas. See the videos popping up on facebook and twitter and have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped create them!

I expect to publish not more than one video every two months on average. You can pledge any amount, you're always free to cancel, and you can set a maximum monthly payout amount via the Patreon site to make sure you're never donating more than you can afford.

Traditional crowd-funding was working, so why use Patreon?

I've funded previous videos through individual  crowd-funding campaigns. Setting up an attractive campaign costs a good deal of time and energy. To the extent that my Patreon campaign is successful, I can avoid that extra overhead and dedicate more of my time to making videos that I think will make a difference in the world.


Apart from becoming a patron, can I help in some other way?

It would be fantastic if you  shared this page to your networks. Thanks in advance for your help!

* I'm working on a video series called Bitcoin For The Intelligent Layperson. These videos are already fully funded, so Patreon funders will not be debited when these are published.
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