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Good Day All,

Are modern video games worse than those of old times? Some people will say: "No! It is not true! What are you talking about?" But... Some time ago, I noticed that many gamers had some problems with modern video games. Really, they had! I read many gamers’ comments and reviews, and I was shocked. They don’t like the destination the video game industry is going to. And I share their opinion about that. Usually, modern video games look great, many awesome effects, astounding trailers, but at the same time their playability is becoming worse and worse. It seems the authors of gamers treat their gamers as idiots. And all about money. Good marketing, promotion actions and attractive promises. Millions spent. But where is the fun? The promise of a good fun? Because the fun is the most important.
As an experienced developer, my idea is to concentrate on playability, at the same time not forgetting about the things that keep a video game on the AAA level. There should be playing, a lot of playing, all in an open word, where many things are possible to happen. And that irritating losing control over your character in game to play movie animations... No, full control for you, dear gamers. This is my promise.
I have been working alone for years and I know how the task is not so easy. However, I have time, needed skills (over ten years in the industry). I am forced to spend all my time on creating that project. I hope I will get support especially from gamers who will wish to take part in reinforcing the independent game market. There are many independent games, but they usually aren't on par with the products from big companies with millions in their budgets. My idea to create something interesting and cheap and at the same time of good quality. And of course, gamers should have a true fun and unforgettable experiences. If I finish it, I hope you will really enjoy my game. A good feedback is the best present for a hard-working developer.

Take care,
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