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About Tom Bedlam Music

Welcome to our Patreon Page!

For a couple of years now, me and Mel been travelling the world playing music to people on the streets, in pubs, cafes, restaurants, churches and even people's living rooms. Ive also been releasing YouTube videos for free when I can.

For us, Patreon is a sort of Online Busking. The money from this page will be directly used to make better and more regular online content.  It takes a surprising amount of time (and money) to make a youtube video or record a new single.  We love doing these things and using Patreon will allow us to make much more!   You can pledge as much or as little as you like, think of it as throwing a coin into our virtual busker hat!  And for doing so, you get rewards!

US DOLLARS?  -  Patreon works in US Dollars but don't worry about that, you can use whichever currency you normally do and everything is automatically transferred

HOW DO I PAY? - You can pay either using Paypal or a credit/debit card.  Payments are automatic so you only have to set it up once and thats it.

CAN I CANCEL? - YES!  Patreon works on a monthly basis and is not a one time thing like Kickstarter or similar platforms.  Its a continual support for the artists and creators you love. That being said, you can cancel our downgrade at any time you like

HOW OFTEN WILL WE RELEASE?  - Our eventual aim is to release some kind of content every two weeks - Youtube Videos, Song Downloads ect. -  This will vary depending on where we are and the internet connection we can find but thats our aim.

If you have any other questions please do ask
$0.64 of $50 per month
if we can make this first goal, we will be well on our way to making more regular online content.  It might not sound like much but costs of equipment, mobile internet and time out of our usual musical "work" soon adds up.   

This will allow us to take a little extra time out to record and edit new music videos as we go
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