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is creating a plan to take over the world with an army of gerbils

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About Thomas Frank

Hi there! I'm Thomas Frank, and I run College Info Geek. It's a blog, podcast, and YouTube channel that helps students be awesome at college.

I also wrote a book on earning awesome grades, which is free!

This is indeed my official Patreon page. However, I don't advertise it because I've been fortunate enough to build income streams in other areas that more than take care of my financial needs.

If you have the desire to donate any money to me, I'd ask that you instead donate it to my Pencils of Promise campaign.

Pencils of Promise is an organization that builds schools in developing countries, and their entire mission is to provide educational opportunities to more children around the world. I hugely resonate with their mission, and I know they (and the kids they help) could use your money a lot more effectively than I could!

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At this point, I'll be able to bring on somebody to help me with aspects of CIG not related to content creation - things like making Pinterest graphics, helping with email, etc. That, in turn, will give me more time for research, writing, recording, and video editing!
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