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is creating Art about queerness, Furries and contemporary identity.
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A great way to support my practice affordably! No exclusive Tier benefits, but you will still be funding the production of all my publicly accessible content.
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Welcome aboard! This is the tier for all supporters who want to keep up with and provide support for my art practice. (Family, friends, curators, fans sign up here!) This tier will grant access to sketches and artworks that aren't published on my website, it's essentially a view into my studio practice! Photographs, video works, performance documents and written works will all be uploaded periodically to this page.

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This tier adds onto "nice" and provides access to my work that I would categorize primarily as "Erotic Art". Pin-ups and play scenes involving fursuiters, work that could be considered NSFW! 

Happy to consider ideas from patrons for scenes. All are welcome to support this tier, but just know what you're getting into. Partial nudity and erotic work!!!




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About Tommy Bruce

Hi there! My name is Tommy Bruce, but you may also know me from my internet handles as Atty_Boy or Atmus Deer. I am an artist living in Albuquerque, New Mexico and studying Photography in the MFA program at the University of New Mexico. You can see an overview of my work on my portfolio site. Since 2010 I have been making work with and about the subculture of the Furry community. With my Patreon, I hope to develop a solid support system so that I can continue to advance my practice and share my artwork with you all!

I have hung my work in galleries and museums; presented it at festivals, conferences and in classrooms. I consider my work to be an exercise in queer visibility and experimentation, and I hope to use my art to think about different ways of being in this world. (Tall order!)


Patreon funds are used to purchase art supplies, pay assistants for photoshoots, and fund travel to conventions and furry events where I make my work.

It's a new world, and patreon provides a new venue for supporting artists and artwork in a more equitable and stable manner. This format provides a real opportunity for grassroots funding of art-practice. Gathering funding on Patreon, small contributions from numerous supporters, allows me to make the work that I want to make and that you want to see, rather than pressuring me (or artists in general) to only make work that sells for high prices in commercial markets.

What's in it for Patrons?

Subscribing at the $5 Nice tier will grant you access to behind the scenes and up to date views of my artwork and practice. Downloads of hi-res digital files of work, private links to video and written works that aren't available elsewhere. This patreon is a reward for those who want to support my work and see more of it. As I gather more subscribers, I will be able to pursue more complex and elaborate projects!

For Furry fans, and those interested in erotic or more playful work, the $8 "Naughty" tier provides exclusive access to even more work, primarily pin-ups and risque photo projects. These images again will be available exclusively to patreon subscribers. I am very excited to have a place to share this work with you all!
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If I reach $400/month (wow!) I will design a Furry pin-up calendar with my portraits, which I will make available for purchase to patrons at cost of materials and shipping.
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