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About Thomas Golunski

SOOOOO welcome to my patreon page 

My practice Is based on an capturing an urgent impression of the effects of light, and recently I have started to experiment more with digital imagery and the transistory nature of apps such as Instagram and snapchat.

I want to continue to explore this in a both material and theoretical manner but without having to create work with the intention of selling, allowing me to focus on the intent and process of paiting. However It's important to the of my practice that my work can be viewed for free in a digital manner, that being said for me to be able to sustain creating I need something subsidise my work = this Patreon

With this Patreon I want to provide an insight into my process, exploring ideas with a core audience, whilst explaining how and why I am making decisions within my work.

As a supporter of my patreon you can get access to my patreon supporter only instagram, where I will be discussing experiments and the intent of recent and past paintings as well as have sharing useful tips and having general discussion about art.


13% complete
SO SO SO many goals.

SOOOO first goal would be to get some new equipment for filming; lights, lenses, hard-drives etc 
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