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Every Bit Helps

$1 /mo
Thank you so much for helping out, even if it may not be a lot it's still something and I appreciate it!

Awe Really?

$5 /mo
Awe thank you!

You get to be part of my discord while I stream.

Thank you!

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This is great and I am so happy that you've made this choice!

You get to be part of my discord while I stream AND you get a special title in the discord while you're there!


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I appreciate this so much thank you!

you get a personal thank you and a free keychain!


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You get a beanie or hat from my merch when they become available.

I Don't Even Know

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What are you doing? Thank you but why do you think I deserve it? Love you! You're so unbelievable!

You get a free shirt, hat, and shotglass when I get some, even if you aren't a patron anymo...