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About Tongue Tied Talk Show

Between all the crazy dates, drunk mischief and the whirlwind we call adulthood, hosts Tony Bonilla and Gabby Sandoval present Tongue Tied! Stories of contemporary dating, maintaining friendships and so much more. 

Join Tony and Gabby each week as they tackle topics regarding sexuality and gender orientation, bad first dates, dating and social media, tinder dates and everything in between!

It's dating. It's drinking. It's adulthood. but most of all, it's fun! #dda
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Each patron is a big part of helping the show grow and expand! This will lead to more content and the opportunity to enhance studio quality as the show progresses. Help us reach our first 50 patrons and proceedings will be donated to the Stuttering Foundation. Over 3 millions Americans are affected by this disability and aid them in leading a successful life and make a lasting difference
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