Toni Rocca is creating Games, Bears, Zines, & GaymerX

$1 /mo
Every buck helps!
  • You'll get posts about the games! Also occasional shopping lists about other projects you should check out!

$3 /mo
Access to my private feed!
  • I'll be posting updates about what I'm working on here!
  • The GAMES

$5 /mo
Sneak peeks at my future thoughts and potential projects!
  • So you can yell at me if you really want me to make something you see!
  • Access to my private feed~!
  • Games~

$7 /mo
Secret game art / music / assets!
  • I will be showing off artwork, music, and assets used in the games, and maybe even som...

$15 /mo
Early Access!
  • Terrible, broken, early versions of my games!
  • Access to my secret game art / music / assets
  • Sneak peeks at my future plans and projects!
  • All the games!

$20 /mo
Pen Pals!
  • For folks in the United States and Canada I will be mailing monthly crafts I've made! These will range from l...