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About Tono

This is a love story, about how a strong passion for technology can transform a relationship and overpass barriers such as languages and nationalities.
Having common dreams and goals was the real connection for this couple.
The aim of this page it to collect funds in order to be able to share this research.

They are Hannah Luxenberg and Alberto Tono and they are partners in the physical and digital world, both of them are extremely passionate about AR and immersive technologies.
They met for the first time on the 8th of December at a Unity event about Augmented Reality.

Hannah is currently working at Tactic, as a Project Manager for immersive entertainment and visual effects. In her free time, she is volunteering for hospitals and helping universities such as Stanford and UCSF for research in immersive technology for paediatrics and end of life care.
Hannah’s dream is to establish Dreamship Studios, for helping children and families with pain using immersive reality within the hospital. She is the community leader and a founder of ARCV.

Alberto is working in one of the most important companies in the architecture and engineering industry HOK, doing research and development for BIM, AR, deep learning and new technologies. He is also the founder of 2 non-profits. The first is called San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of Alumni of the University of Padua Inc, which helps Italian students and researchers connect with the Silicon Valley environment. The other one is called San Francisco Computational Design User Group and it helps to share inspiring ideas, discussions about artificial intelligence, and connecting new technologies to the AEC industry. But also community such as Deeplearningitalia.

Both Alberto and Hannah have strong values unified by their work in technology. As a team, they have developed praised work in web XR in collaboration with MIT Media Lab and NASA JPL for Mars 2020. Together they plan to embark on creating content and doing research together to broaden the development of the industry.
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