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Hi! My name is Tonya. I am a blogger, short story writer, and zinester. I recently started a YouTube channel called Black Women Read. The channel supports my love for reading, writing, and DIY projects. I am the founder of PDX Women of Color Zine Collective. The purpose of this Patreon is to help fund my independent ventures. In particular, I would love to host a Black women's literary fest. Join the fun!

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This reward consists of getting a surprise treat in the mail. 

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Get a cute tote bag for your books/zines!

Tonya Speaks
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I will speak via online or in person about my zine organizing work. 

Women of Color Zinesters Panel
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I will assemble a panel of fellow women of color/non binary zinesters via online discussions or in person at your school/organization/event.
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My goal is to host a Black Women's Literary Fest 2020. I would like to invite one Patreon to attend. The event will include guest speakers, vendors, and more! 
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