Creators' Toolbox


Patreon Video Guidelines

  • Keep it short. 1:30 or 1:45 is perfect, but definitely stay under 2:00.
  • Mention how Patreon works: fans pledge per creation (or per month if that’s your setup)—Remember, most people will be thinking it’s like Kickstarter, so be sure to let people know that it’s a recurring pledge of a smaller amount, not a single one time donation. Let people know how frequently you release content so people know about how much they’ll be charged each month.
  • Let people know that they can set a monthly max, so they never go above their budget. Mention that you have rewards, and to check them out below… that way you don’t have to change your video should you change your rewards.
  • Explain the All Posts feed, where people can post fan art, get to know your other patrons, and leave you comments.
  • Include a screen capture footage of what it looks like to become a patron. People will be more likely to click the “become a patron” button if they are familiar with the process.
  • Articulate your vision. What do you want to do? Why? Tell people about what you want to accomplish.

If you’d like to include some user-footage in your video, here’s a short screen-capture clip .


We recommend having a smaller, attainable goal when launching your page. This will get fans excited about becoming a patron and increase your conversion. It can be as simple as a small piece of gear or equipment that you need, a short patron only thank you video, or elaborate as hiring your dream director, assistant, or editor to help you on your next piece of art. As you hit each goal, feel free to add more!


We do not want fulfilling Patreon rewards to be a burden on our creators. We want you to have rewards that are scalable, cost effective, and easy to fulfill. NOTE: As a general rule, most pledges on Patreon are somewhere between $1 and $5. We recommend you focus heavily on your $1, $3, and $5 reward levels, making the $5 reward the most interactive of the bunch. Rewards might include:

Low Range Rewards

  • Access to the Patron Only Activity Feed (Blog hosted on Patreon).
  • MP3 file of the audio of the final product (Can be posted in your feed one time, and all patrons can access).
  • PDF of the transcript of the video (Can be posted in your feed one time, and all patrons can access).
  • PDF of future video topics (Can be posted in your feed one time, and all patrons can access).
  • Early release of the video (Posted unlisted on YouTube with link to patrons only, or hosted password protected on vimeo).

Middle Range Rewards

  • Monthly Webcast using a service like Spreecast, Crowdcast, or Google Hangout (30 minutes of your time, infinite number of attendees).
  • Signed digital poster, using screenshot from an episode, and photoshopped team member signature (can do per video or per month, post in activity feed).
  • Extra behind the scenes videos or photos.
  • Mobile or Desktop wallpapers, or digital art.
  • Random surprise! (Unlisted video, backlog, future track, blog post).

High End Rewards

  • Placement at the end of a video as a contributing Patron.
  • Name in the description.
  • Personalized video message once a year (must be patron for X months).
  • Research team (Assign members of your community to find articles to contribute to future videos).
  • Sponsorships.

We also recommend adding images into the reward boxes. We have found that this has significantly increased conversion. If you can, try to make the images relatively the same size so your page looks clean. Here is an example of images in the reward boxes Pentatonix Patreon Page.


Your description should be short and simple, a paragraph or two at most. It’s best if your potential patrons hear your messaging through your short video.