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About ToolScrounge

Maker, Artist, Tool Scrounge and Storyteller.
My YouTube channel will include:

  • How to videos (restore, and make usable various materials)
  • Art processes (methods, materials, address problems & solutions).
  • Interviews with other shop makers.
  • Video Blogs (what’s happening and travels).
  • Many more surprises!
How I will use funds raised:
  • Equipment, (I have most of what I use already but issues do arise from time to time)
  • Subscriptions, I subscribe to services that allow me to edit the audio and video elements of my production.
  • Travel expenses (in order to interview interesting makers I plan on traveling to do so).
  • Raw Materials for the things that I make!

What will you get by supporting my channel? 
  • Simply put, I’ll be giving away the occasional piece created by me. The plan is to use a randomizer to select a supporter and I’ll give away an original work. No matter what support tier you’re in there will be something chosen. One time it might be something small that I produce on a regular basis, other times it could be an original sculpture!
  • Plus, you’ll get access to extra content. Behind the scenes, early access and commentary not available through the main channel!

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