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The Grims have a language all of their own. Have a word of your choice (subject to my approval) appear in the story and in the 'Sounds Grim' section on the website. You will be given credit for it in the 'Sounds Grim' section.

If you continue to support this story, I will feature your name on the acknowledgements page of the e-book release.

Part of the furniture

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Your name will appear very briefly in the story as a cameo appearance. 

You may or may not meet a spectacularly gory demise.

I will also give you a cameo in another upcoming story (not related to TMH).

You will also receive an e-book of one of my short stories (your choice) free of charge.

If you continue to support this story, your name will appear in the acknowledgements page of the TMH e-books.

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I will name a minor character after you (someone like Preacher Kelly or Dr Nicol who have a supporting role in the story).

In addition, for people who support at this tier, I will release one chapter (of my choice) per part early. Very useful for those big cliffhanger weeks :-)

For your continued support, I will also feature you as a minor character in some of my other upcoming books. 

I will also send you free e-books of Too Many Humans as they become available (with your name on the acknowledgements page).




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About Jacob Rayne

If you've made it to this page, you have survived the cull.
You must have travelled with a strong cloud of Grims!
King Solomon would be proud.
Now sit with me by the fire and get some steam in your lungs.
We have a few things to discuss...

Firstly, thank you for visiting this site.
Too Many Humans is a web serial which I post weekly.
My intention is to keep it free, so that everyone can read it should they choose to.
However, I would love to do this full-time one day, so I have decided to set up this page as a way for my readers to support my work financially.
The cool thing about this format is that it allows for a great deal more interaction with readers than standard e-books do.
With that in mind, I plan to allow my readers to become part of the story as much as possible and I am offering some nice rewards for people who do decide to contribute financially.
I also write other books, although TMH is my main focus at the moment. 
Your contributions will help me to get some nice cover art created as well as cover the costs of running my website.
Check out https://rayneofterror1.com/ for more details of my other work. 

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This will cover the costs of running the TMH website.
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