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For $1 a month you'll experience that warm feeling you get when you toss a coin into that street musician's guitar case, and they give you a smile and nod, as they continue to strum.  Also, my sincere appreciation <3
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For $2 a month, I will let you in on some of the behind-scenes-stuff.  You'll get access to my Patreon backer blog where I'll post designs, thumbnails, rejected comics and other goodies to show you my gratitude.  I'll also toss in a PDF of my first book, "Don't Leave Me Hanging."
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For $100 a month, if you're an aspiring cartoonist/animator and wanna spend your money on getting better, I will give you personalized mentorship.  Custom tutorials, draw overs, tricks and tips, etc. I'll also include a hard copy of my first book, "Don't Leave Me Hanging" and every book I publish thereafter. 




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About Ryan Kramer

Hi, how are you?  I'm doing okay.  Just wanted to let you know I'm Ryan, aka, "ToonholeRyan" and I've been self publishing humor comics and animation on the internet since 2010.  I co-run ToonHole.com with 3 of my good buddies and release new comics 3 days a week.

I don't make much money from posting comics on our site, as many people have AdBlock or often view the comics on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or one of the many other sites we share or get shared to.  The comics and cartoons themselves will always be free, but the great thing about Patreon is you can DIRECTLY support my work for as little as $1 a month!  I'd love to make more animated films and draw even more comics…so hopefully over time, I can round up enough contributors to actually do this full time!  What a world!

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