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About Top-Kek

Good day !
I'm Takalisky, user and spokesperson of the administration team of !

Top Kek is a user founded website created in essence by the two administrators known as Lord Lucifer and Dr Seitenbach in April 2014. After developing main characteristics of the site for a few months, Lucifer launched an Indiegogo Campaign among our community which raised a total of €1875  ! Thanks to this amount, we've managed to start our very own website from scraps !
Unfortunately, time went by and we've ran out of funds, which forbids us from upgrading the site any further.

Which is where you come in !
Thanks to your donations, we will not only be able to pay out the server bills to keep the site on going, but we'll also be able to upgrade the website, which is still in beta.

"What's in it for me ?", would you say ?
Although we have plenty of potential ideas for rewarding your support (such as coloured usernames, trophies, mentions on the website etc...), we, for now only have our word to guarantee you those. Which is why we rather not promise anything we won't be sure to be able of offering you.
But if everyting turns out for the best, those should come very soon !
$0 of $20 per month
If this goal is met, will keep going and you folks will be able to keep sleeping tight without having the release fear of waking up and realize that the site got shut down through the night !
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