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  • a short story i wrote while jolting up & down in the backseat of a car travelling along the borderline of somewhere & everywhere. it features a road trip & an unconventional love affair & is called things may saw on a road trip with october.
  • access to my patron-only update stream, where i speak in lowercase & overuse ampersands & give you weekly exclusive updates to the projects that i am working on along with all of their struggles & triumphs, before i introduce them to anyone else. you will see my artistic process from the tiniest seed of an idea to launch day, & have the chance to offer feedback & make changes before i show projects to anyone else.

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receive everything above, plus:
  • your name in the acknowledgements of my website.
  • access to the deluxe edition of heaven or this, my debut poetry chapbook, which has been downloaded over 20,000 times. the deluxe edition includes five more poems not found in the original book. it is an experience in tiny beautiful things, brimming over with wonder.
  • access to unpublished, never-before-seen writing every week. you will see the poems, short stories, & essays that never make it to publication & the ones that resurface months later, the seeds of genius & the wilting flowers. one new piece, every week, to brighten your part of the universe.

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  • your name in the acknowledgements of all of my books.
  • discount codes for my books, journal issues, merch, art, & other paid projects.

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  • a custom poem or short story written just for you. i will write a small drabble on whatever your lovely heart desires—a topic as specific or as general as you like, whether for a gift or simply for you to treasure.
  • a handwritten piece of writing & polaroid photograph mailed to your doorstep. this piece can either be the one you requested for the previous reward, or it can be any piece of your choosing from my collection. the photo will be related to or inspired by the piece.



About topaz winters

hello friend. my name is topaz winters. i am a 19 year old poet & multidisciplinary artist.

i create art including but not limited to: poems, music, books, films, photographs, magazines, podcasts, & various other undercover beautiful things. possibly you have stumbled upon my work in places such as the straits times or singapore american or expat living or the business times.

here are some of the kind words that readers have used to describe my work: “incredibly hollowing”, “delicate yet devastating”, “intimate, truthful, and compelling”, "luminous ... the burning and the light", & “like a breath you didn’t know you were holding finally released into the evening air, in peaceful solitude”.

i believe in softness as a revolution. i believe in art as a method of survival. i believe that in this dark world we live in, we must be lighthouses for each other. patreon is the place where i give you my words, & i hope they can be a lighthouse for you.

every week, i share stories, poems, essays, & letters of silver-sweet-soft-sharp inspiration. the good & bad & ugly & beautiful of my journeys. something rich & hopeful & infinitely warm. something you may not expect at first, but always something to hold close to your chest, to let melt on your tongue, to slowly fall in love with. everything i am learning as an artist & a human goes here. i don't hold back.

these vignettes & excursions of the poetic sort, these explorations of small-yet-true wonders, these gifts of the lightest kind: they're what get me out of bed on mornings when the universe's hurt rests heavy on my shoulders. i share them with you, exclusively on patreon, because i know all too well how words change & save lives. i share them with the hope that perhaps they will remind you what it is to sing back to the thunder.

more about me & why i need your support...

i am a literature & film student at princeton university. i am a 100% independently funded artist. every cost for my creations is covered by myself, & all of the money that goes into my art comes from my pocket.

but i can't do this on my own.

without your support, it's impossible for me to make brightly glowing things for you. you are the reason why i am able to bring filter-hazy dreams into reality. i can't express how grateful i am to you for choosing to do so.

a small list of ongoing items that i use patreon to fund:

  • maintenance of a clock that follows the shadows of cats & half mystic, my two main ongoing projects
  • servers, urls, hosting, & other online commodities
  • editing, formatting, design, printing, & shipping costs for books
  • printing & shipping costs for half mystic books & journals
  • paying the visual artists i work with to create cover art
  • microphones, laptops, design & filmmaking software, & other technology
  • travelling costs for various poetic & artistic events

a small list of singular projects i have funded with the help of patreon:

  • the love lives bot, a piece of digital art that tracks & shares past, present, & future locations where love lives ("nothing short of a mixture of surprise & tenderness ... if you were wondering where love resides at the moment? it most definitely is in @lovelivesbot")
  • poems for the sound of the sky before thunder, a poetry collection from math paper press that tiptoes the infinitely blurred lines between hurting, hoping, & healing ("gives the reader permission to try and find beauty even in the ugliest parts of their life. chances like that are always opportune")
  • supernova, a short film exploring the loveliness in loneliness & the infinite wonder we find in allowing ourselves to bloom into the empty (an official selection for the across asia youth film festival, newark international film festival, & laurie nelson film festival; shortlisted for the my rode reel film festival & cine golden eagle awards; i was the recipient of the best actress award in the singapore international student film festival)
  • monsoon dream, an essay chapbook from platypus press about loss & longing, home & hustle, memory & monsoon season ("like finally coming home after a long journey … the way i got a small break through winters’ words from whatever it was that has been on my mind for way too long")
  • heaven or this, a poetry chapbook on the beauty & terror of girls who love girls (20,000 downloads & counting: "a powerful collection by a powerful writer, one who masters each emotional register with both skill and a genuine, heartfelt joy for language")
  • half mystic, an independent publishing house, literary journal, radio show, & arts organisation dedicated to the celebration of music in all its forms (books & journal issues sold to thousands of readers worldwide, with authors & contributors published in best of the net, best new poets, best american poetry, the paris review, rolling stone, & the new york times, & nominated for the pushcart prize, mtv video music awards, & grammy awards)

supporting me & my soft creations helps me keep working deep into dawn-soaked hours to make magic for you. click the become a patron button & join me on this journey. there's no one i would rather take it with than you.

i will see you on the other side. thank you.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 213 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 213 exclusive posts

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