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I write stuff! I teach people. And I try to make the world a little bit better.


Oak Park, IL, USA

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So hey!

My name's Topher and I like to write material for tabletop roleplaying games. You may have seen my mini-game Apotheosis of the Rose: Princess Drive, or some of the fan-created skins I've written for Joe McDaldno's awesome game Monsterhearts. I consider myself to be fairly progressive, and that means I feel like I have a responsibility to be inclusive in the material I create. Gaming is not always a very safe or welcoming place for women, people of color, LGBT folks, or other minorities, and I try to do my part to counteract that as much as I can. I want the stuff I write to make you feel welcome as a gamer!

So what will I be doing here? More of the same stuff I already do. More Monsterhearts skins, nicely edited and ready for playtesting in your game. More little Fate or FAE or Cortex Plus hacks. More goodies for Princess Drive. Other stuff as I get inspired.

I'm also thinking that I may release chunks of a whole new game as I write it. Henshin! The Tokusatsu Roleplaying Game is about emulating live-action Japanese TV superheroes, which is...pretty niche, I'll admit. I don't know if the audience is big enough to pull off a kickstarter for it. But maybe if I release it in pieces as I write it, it will work out. We'll see!

I will probably be aiming to release one new "thing" - either a complete small thing like a new skin, or a chunk of a bigger project - every week or two, so keep that in mind as you decide what you might want to pledge.

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