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Welcome to the Order [Redacted]

This tier grants you:

• Name listed on our website on a special thank you page!
• Special Discord Role and Private Channel!
 • Our monthly TotRCap (dramatic theatrical retellings of our episodes)
• Every Other Month - Bradman and The Peacock Serial 
• Episode thank you/shout out (one time)
• Get the next episode title a week early (via our Discord)!
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The Future of our Order 

This tier grants you:

• Monthly TotR Movie Review (hosted by the Apple Lady) where our PCs watch a movie and confusedly talk about it
• Monthly Blooper Reel

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The Rest of your Life Begins Here

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• Monthly TotR Talk
• Monthly Campaign: The Axiom (a magic-impaired adventure DM'd by Jordache)

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About Top of the Round

Greetings, traveler!

Top of the Round
 is an actual play podcast fueled (loosely) by the power of DnD5E, laughter, heavy RP, and really terrible dice rolls. We are 3 DMs, 2 turned players, hailing from rainy Washington, and we are extremely passionate about telling a GREAT story while having one hell of a good time. 

What is Top of the Round about?
What happens when a naive druid, a mysterious drow elf, and an orphaned monk are roped into becoming mailmen for a goddess? Join Chaz (played by Jordache), Se'ku (played by Joe), and Talice (played by Nikki) as they struggle through the homebrewed world of Ishnar and try to convince Kenon (our Dungeon Master) to be merciful.

How does sponsoring you help your show?
Being an indie podcast is hard work, and your direct support helps us do SO many things. Let us name a few of them:

- It allows us to spend more time creating content for YOU!
- It helps us pay for things such as equipment upgrades, so we can continually improve our content
- It helps us with recurring fees, such as our RSS audio host, our website, and our editing software
- It helps us pay for art commissions, merch designs, etc.
- It helps us pay for licensing music and/or sound effects
- It helps us with buying and shipping giveaway/contest prizes and paying for a PO Box
- It helps us pay for things such as tickets,  hotels, and cons, if live shows are in our future.

Can I support you guys without sponsorship?
ABSOLUTELY! We understand that not everyone can support us monetarily, and that is 120% okay. 

Other ways you can help support us are:

- Leave us a Review/Rating on iTunes
- Leave us a Review/Rating on Podchaser
- Share us on social media (or share about how you enjoyed an episode or how you feel about what's going on in the story) with the hashtag #TotRTots
- Follow us on Facebook (@topoftheround), Twitter (@totrcast), and Instagram (@topoftheround)
- Spread the word about our website
- Keep listening and enjoying and letting us know what you think!

When we started this adventure, I don't think any of us expected to be starting a Patreon 6 months in. We still feel like the new kids on the block, and your support and encouragement has been overwhelming and absolutely humbling.

Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts. 

- Your TotR Crew and Kai (the doggo producer). 


Header Art by Grant Baumgartner

$429.76 of $450 per month
The Auburn
When we $450 monthly, we will write, perform, and produce an audio drama-style episode about the Auburn's backstory.
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