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About Top Rated MMA

Top Rated MMA Launched in 2012 with a love of Mixed Martial Arts. Today Top Rated MMA is the #1 MMA podcast in the NW! We believe in promoting the local fighters! Top Rated MMA is about giving back and found the right organization with Hire Heroes USA, who are owned and operated by US Military. They diligently help and support our soldiers, vets and their families.

We would love your support so that we can continue to spread the word about local fighters around the world.  Whether you are able to give $1 a month or $1,000 or more a month, your support means the world to us.  

Your support allows us to add better quality equipment to the show, allows us to reach more people, and allows us to promote more fighters.  
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Adobe Creative Cloud would give us access to Adobe Illustrator and other applications that can help us create better graphics for apparel.  Pricing for this is $40 per month plus tax or $480 per year.
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