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This MIDI is not the one I offer for free (generated by the sheet music). This is the MIDI directly from my performance.

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About Torby Brand


Hi! My name is Torbjørn, and I'm a Norwegian pianist who creates arrangements, performances and sheet music that I post to my YouTube channel, and more recently, other platforms. I'm very passionate about my work, and I focus on getting out clean and playable covers that I encourage other people to play and learn. To stay true to that, I always offer free sheet music in both PDF and midi format. I already offer more than 70 pieces in my sheet music archive.

An example of my content:

Why should you donate?

The process of arranging, writing sheet music, learning, recording and editing a piece takes a lot of time, everything from 5-40 hours. Not even counting all the work that goes into remastering tracks for album releases. I'm not doing it for profit, but any donations are appreciated and helps to motivate me and improve my content. Even just a dollar a month equals thousands of views on YouTube ad revenue! The final reason is of course the Patreon rewards, that are listed on this page. Including goods like wav files, midi files, sheet music, and most importantly, albums. Early and free exclusive editions of my album releases, featuring high quality piano pieces and artwork. You can view all of my past albums at my website

Thank you 

Finally I want to thank you, the viewer, for visiting my work. And if you've enjoyed my videos or learnt something from my sheet music, please consider becoming a Patron. Regardless, I will keep making content the best that I can, and listen to feedback from you. 

Torbjørn Brandrud
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