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To be a confident leader of your life, you need to learn how to recognize your gifts + honor your emotions. To be empowered, you must master choosing yourself.

The Well Connected membership is a container that will hold you to your highest frequency + provide you with the resources to repurpose your obstacles
  • not having enough time for your husband or kids,
  • constantly doubting yourself and feeling like having room for improvement means your failing
  • sacrificing happiness to prioritize work over home life

into opportunities to grow
  • learning emotional triggers
    • receiving judgement from authority figures, changes in social plans or workflow, obtrusive reminders about your debt, etc.
  • rewriting your response by staying in your own emotional lane
    • not manipulating others with your emotions + not allowing their moods to affect yours
  • maximizing satisfaction + joy in your day despite your environment
    • knowing when to change up your your energy and how to maintain unwavering trust

which will lead to the manageable life you long for
  • having enough time to care for your personal needs
  • taking your kids on adventures
  • confidently owning your leadership role
  • revitalizing intimacy in your relationships

Understand how to get unstuck from your anxiety and let go of the judgements that prevent you from thriving in your life today. You do not live in the future. However, what you do now will affect your future.

Joining Well Connected is the answer to reconnecting with your intuition + learning to clearly hear it's guidance for building a life most suitable for you. It will provide you with consistent encouragement for making choices in your best interest instead of going along with what others want for you.

When you become a member, you'll receive access to:

featuring signature workshops, videos, meditations + more directing you toward practices of self love and mindfulness.

IG PRIVATE CHAT amplifies support among like-minded, growth-oriented individuals. We share wins, woes and wonders inside of the instant messaging platform. Access my energy + encouragement daily!

COMMUNITY MONTHLY/SEASONAL EVENTS are invitations to live life as ceremony and drop into a virtual portal of safety + transmutation of anxiety.

TRAINING VIDEOS that deliver tangible tips regarding the 8 foundational principles -- clarity/throat chakra, shadow work/reflection, authenticity/root chakra, belief/solar plexus chakra, surrender/sacral chakra, joy/crown chakra, stillness/third eye chakra, abundance/heart chakra.

These videos are intended to augment your ability to self heal and live with intention.

Recent Trainings:
✨ MARCH 2020 • Clarity • Communication For Committing to Clarity
✨ APRIL 2020 • Shadow Work • Healing the Past, Loving the Dark
✨ MAY 2020 • Authenticity • Releasing Pressure (Burnout + Adrenal Fatigue) -- A Spiritual Approach
✨ JUNE 2020 • Belief • Worthiness -- Developing Discernment and Discipline to Stop Imposter Syndrome
✨ JULY 2020 • Surrender • How To Release the How
✨ AUGUST 2020 • Joy • Journey to Joy
✨ SEPTEMBER 2020 • Stillness • Unwind Your Mind
✨ OCTOBER 2020 • Abundance • Energy as Currency - Budgeting Efficiently

Upcoming Trainings:
✨ November 2020 • Prepare with Self Care for Pursuing Your Passions
✨ DECEMBER 2020 • Human Design, Your Energy + Your Purpose
✨ JANUARY 2021 • Clarity • Make Your Space, Altar Creation

BEHIND THE SCENES VLOGS sharing an exclusive look into how I actually apply + build upon the mindfulness lessons in my daily life. Get to know me more intimately as I share my personal healing experiences (✨🌿🍄), my intuitive wisdom and invite you to take what inspires you most to discover your own divinity.

Vlog Examples:
✨ Gut Health Journey
✨ Executive/Entrepreneur Life
✨ My Rapid Transformational Therapy Experience + Takeaways
✨ Relationship Roots ft. My Partner Nate

PRIVATE COACHING SERVICES are available to members seeking additional accountability + guidance around building personal self love rituals and living authentically are invited to access my insights through member-only appointments.

I have the ability to place “productive” pressure on my clients. This is different than the stomach ache, head going to explode sort of stress you feel when something in life is amiss. It’s more like steady encouragement to live from the frequency of your highest self. When you learn to release the pressure that wasn’t yours to begin with, you can handle stress naturally.

I ensure my clients feel safe and seen. My approach to guiding is intuitive and focused on your wellbeing. As I come to deeply understand you, I can objectively and compassionately direct you to live in ways that maximize your energy and success.

If you’re done with being pulled in too many directions
want to even out life’s ups and downs,
ready to learn how to process your fear,
and feel healthy and whole,
join the Well Connected Intentional Healing Community.

All the support, resources, guidance, encouragement, and love are waiting for you to say YES to choosing yourself. I’ll see you inside! Xo.

About Well Connected with Tori Rerick

Tori Rerick, PharmD, is a recovered type-A and former pharmacist who now prescribes mindfulness. She intuitively curates her life and shares it in order to guide others through their own process. Her mission is supporting each person's unique healing journey through connection and cultivating self love. Self care saved her life during a time that she felt desolate as a new mother and pharmacy manager. She's an enthusiastic personal development guinea pig: anti-depressants, books, therapy, crystals, meditation, yoga, RTT, cannabis, rituals and reiki have all been a part of her personal healing journey.

Well Connected is a space for humor, positivity, and being real AF about what it is to be an authentic leader. Join the journey and get access to premium content and intimate behind the scenes vlogs that Tori doesn't share anywhere else on the internet!

Gain a variety of tools and tips to build balance into your own lifestyle while witnessing a woman embodying the daily work to build hers.

Become a member, nurture your highest self, and let’s connect! Xo.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 56 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 56 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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