Tomohiro Nakano a.k.a. Tormis Narno

is creating conworld, films, novels, music, drawings, paintings, calligraphy

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About Tomohiro Nakano a.k.a. Tormis Narno

Mundum creō. Creare amō.

Hi, I'm Tomohiro Nakano/Tormis Narno, and I'm a student living in Japan. I'm a conworlder — which means I'm creating an imaginary world from scratch, starting with the continents, oceans, and mountain ranges, and then populating it with humans who have their own imaginary history, culture and languages. In case you're not familiar with the word conworld or conworlding, the closest thing you may know would be the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, concerning a massive and incredibly dense imaginary universe of Middle-Earth.

My goal is to create an imaginary world called Firraksnarre (pronounced like fee-rax-na-re), and then illustrate it through novels, films, drawings and paintings, music, calligraphy — basically any form of art. In particular, as a student majoring in linguistics, I'm very much intrigued by the concept of conlangs or constructed languages, and I'm using it as a tool for representing an alternative universe.

This Firraksnarre project was reported on Mainichi Shimbun, one of the three major nation-wide newspaper in Japan, on December 18th 2018.

Currently I'm working on my first book trilogy about Firraksnarre. I'm also creating an independent film trilogy telling a story about the imaginary world, but from a perspective of those living in our world. The first of the three movies Between the Two Worlds was out in 2019. Check out the trailer!

On Patreon I plan to release contents about my everyday creative activities, mostly filmmaking at the time. I'm also thinking of creating YouTube videos where I talk about conworlding, filmmaking and so on.

It's not just fantasy. It's not just sci-fi. What the Firraksnarre project aims to accomplish is an extremely detailed piece of worldbuilding for people to explore and enjoy.







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When I reach 20 patrons, I will purchase a new piece of equipment that helps me in the creative process.
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