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Housing Matters is a registered not-for-profit corporation that was founded in 2017 by Torontonians concerned with the increasing unaffordability of our city. We all share the common view that housing in Toronto could and should be more affordable than it is, and that materially increasing the supply of new housing to the market is the only sustainable way to keep prices in check in the long run.

In short, we're a YIMBY initiative.

To kickstart our efforts, we've begun hosting a monthly meetup and speaker series, where we invite leading experts to discuss issues related to housing affordability. We've hosted three so far and have seen our audience double in that time.

We've now come to Patreon to ask for your support in keeping these going.

What We'll Use the Money For:

Our initial goal is $1,000/month. That money plus a little bit of our own will be enough to cover the costs we incur for each of our monthly meetups. These include:

  • Venue. We've been hosting our meetups at Brightlane, at 545 King St. West, an ideal venue given our audience size.
  • Snacks and drinks. People like our pizza and pop. We want to make sure that we keep the tradition of providing some going.
  • Graphic design. For each of our event, we ask (pay) our friend Bjoern to design flyers sized for print and all major social media platforms.
  • MailChimp. Once we have our marketing material prepared, we blast it to our mailing list via MailChimp. This fee grows as the list grows.
  • Web hosting and development. Our website needs to be hosted, of course, and periodically updated. We don't have any programming skills of our own so ask (pay) our friend Messi to do it for us.

For each of these items, we pinch pennies and ask for discounts. We really believe in our mission and want to make sure that we aren't ever stymied by unsustainably high overhead.

You can be sure that we'll be as careful (and frugal!) with your money as with our own.
$14 of $1,000 per month
We host a monthly speaker series where we invite guests to discuss topics relevant to our mission of promoting housing affordability in Toronto. These events also act as a meetup for our growing community, and provide a chance for us to connect and build with like-minded people. Our overhead, including event space, snacks and drinks, graphic design, and minimal marketing, is $1,000.
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