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About The Tortoise Shack

We're the Tortoise Shack, the home of The Echo Chamber Podcast, Disturbing the Peace, Ruth's Natural Selection Box and Reboot Republic.
Our pods are a mix of news, politics, culture and the zaniest corners of the animal kingdom. Over the last few months the pods have become more challenging in their preparation, production and volume. As that has grown, so to has their popularity. And while that is rewarding, it comes at a cost in terms of time, money and upkeep.

Being able to reach you, our listeners, and get your feedback has helped shape us into a podcast platform that wants to support progressive solutions, platform diverse voices and keep that element of fun. But we can't do that for free. 
We have jobs and families and all the pressures that come with that. But the Shack is something we absolutely love doing. In order for it to continue that love needs to have an income value.

The support you give will ensure we can keep producing the podcasts you want to hear without the need for us to chase sponsors and advertisers and maybe lose a bit of our identity in doing so. 

That we keep growing and keep featuring in podcast charts is a testament to the great guests and dedication we have in our tortoise shack team. It means a lot to us and we think it means something to a lot of you.

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We believe passionately that there is a need to widen the media landscape in Ireland. We’ve met incredible people who are passionate about different aspects of society. 
This is a journey into building a platform, a studio, an outlet that will give voices to those not afforded a platform and allow those usually restricted on mainstream channels have the time to discuss ideas and topics without the ridiculous need for false balance.
You don’t change things by fighting the status quo. You build something else, some worth changing for. That’s our goal. 
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