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About Ryan C. Robert

Hello! I'm the writer of Totallylogicalfear.com, Ryan C. Robert. I currently divide my time between maintaining a real people job, writing comedic personal essays about my life, creating interesting daily writing prompts, and writing for my satirical dark cooking blog, Trish's Dishes. Consider contributing to my art by subscribing to one of the tiers and then you can be a part of what makes the process run!

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By pledging here (is pledging the right word? I don't know.) you'll be able to directly impact the content that goes up on the site by suggesting: A) What genre you'd like for the writing prompts for the upcoming week, B) A recipe for Trish to attempt to put her own spin on, or C) A topic you'd like me to write a personal essay about. (This one subject to change if the chosen topic is inappropriate for me based on my personal lived experiences.)

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