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Little Yokai

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If you want to donate a little extra to support me on my journey to make a new video every day, this is a tier you can consider! Donations will go into making more content, clothing, and building the brand.


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Tip me $15 or more a month!  Get access to new release previews before I announce on social media! You have my most sincere THANK YOU. 

With this Tier, you'll receive a Flu Mask for my gratitude!
Also you will receive a packet of 6 stickers.
You will also have exclusive access to as well as download any of our photos on Patron in high resolution!

You will be able to help me continue making clothing for you all and focus on it only and continue the business!


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Please do not sign up for this role or above unless you are absolutely comfortable doing so. This is just for people who want to go the extra mile and help out even more. As always any money coming from patreon goes into developing the brand further!

Are you here for the exclusive clothes only available to patrons?

This is the tier for you. Each month, in addition to being able to participate in polls, I'll send you an exclusive shirt. 

Also you will receive a keychain.
You will also have exclusive access to as well as download any of our photos on Patron in high resolution!

*Please note that if you live outside of the US, while discounted, you will still need to pay for shipping upon checkout.




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About Totem

When I started Totem, I soon realized that people would rather wear art than hang it up on their walls. I wanted to be different than all the other clothing brands out there and really emphasize art and creativity combined with fashion for like minded people like myself, who are people searching for greater meaning in their life and for creatives and other lone wolves out there.

I create and develop unique and colorful streetwear from our artistic design that are inspired by other cultures such as Native and Asian cultures. I then work with many photographers and models through collaborations to provide our followers with amazing visuals of our clothing.
There are risks that comes with entering into the highly competitive market of fashion, and more specifically streetwear. We want to break into this market, and we believe we can with the thought behind our designs and the quality of our product, but the most important factor to get there is through you - our Patrons. What we make is not even close to meet the minimum requirement to cover our bills. Your pledge will be one of most important pillar, 'the lifeline' for us to keep continuing the project-- to raise awareness and shed light to the darkness of society. You all will ultimately be the most important part of our Brand. This is the Totem Pack.

To see more of our work click the link below:
Totem Instagram
Totem Store

Running your own company is tough, especially when you don't receive support. I do my absolute best with the resources that I have but its still not enough and I realized now that I really need help.
  1. Costs will go into sending out clothing to models and photographers worldwide to help promote the business and raise an audience
  2. Costs will help cover for Art supplies
  3. Costs will help to keep a consisting Website
  4. Costs will help pay for business License
  5. Costs will go into Creating new clothing such as Bomber Jackets, Joggers, button down shirts, hoodies and more
  6. licensing and more

We appreciate all the love from you all and a very special thanks to those who become patreon!

$4.52 of $500 per month
As a brand, we believe that maintaining our image is important. We are trying to raise money to produce more content, such as videos and photos and art pieces through collaborations.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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