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Updates on my work and life, plus links to whatever snippets of poetry and scenework I've got going on. And pictures of the cats. 


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Pick your favorite poem & I'll record a video of me reading it for you! 


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I will take a polaroid of my cats wearing whatever ridiculous costumes you'd like. Coal Porter and Maybelle are stars. They will also include a personal message for you. 




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About Natalie Ann Valentine

Hi there.

I'm a playwright. I'm a nasty woman. I write stories. I blog about mental health, I slam poetry, I act, I sing, I burlesque [Sylvia Trash, the manic pixie show ghoul], I compose, I freelance the fuck out of some writing, I produce, I co-run a bi-monthly night of political theatre called ActOut. I founded and facilitate a playwright's support group in DC called Bridge Club where we have whiskey and feelings about writing and encourage each other to do the important work. I am constantly on the grind, on top of a day job, and my art simply does not support me -- and I deeply believe that art should be able to do such a thing. 

I run a diary-instagram for one of my cats (Coal Porter), which sometimes has guest posts by the Queen Maybelle. This year, the two of them sent out over 40 holiday cards. And they're cats, so like, maybe you should be supporting them rather than me. They don't even have thumbs. 

I especially like to create stories featuring queer womxn+ who don't die at the end. 

I write about beautiful-ugly people who talk in poetry and nonsense. They're a little bit weird. They're a little bit magic. I like to think of myself as a "kitchen sink surrealist" --- my work often deals with ordinary folks dealing with extraordinary circumstances. Like maybe-time travel, or a moon that talks back. 

I'm also a disabled artist. I am severely vision-impaired and live with chronic depression, anxiety and C-PTSD. Because these factors influence my life, they influence my art. I believe whole-heartedly in transparency -- the more we speak about issues around mental illness, the less stigma will be. I want to remind people they are not alone. If I achieve nothing else with my art, that would be enough. 

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Theatre cannot and should not be made alone. I make art because I want to try and make the world a better place for the people in it. I make art for you. So, thank you, so deeply, for your support. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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