Natalie Ann Piegari is creating Fiercely, Unapologetically Feminist Art

Green Room

$1 /mo
Updates on my work and life, plus links to whatever snippets of poetry and scenework I've got going on. And pictures of the cats. 


$4 /mo
Pick your favorite poem & I'll record a video of me reading it for you! 


$5 /mo
I will take a polaroid of my cats wearing whatever ridiculous costumes you'd like. Coal Porter and Maybelle are stars. They will also include a personal message for you. 

Center Stage

$6 /mo
Pick a song for me to cover on ukulele! 


$10 /mo
I'll put your name in a play (and send it to you)! 


$20 /mo
I troll thrift stores for weird books all the time. Tell me some things you like and I will hand-pick you a weird (or possibly just really good) book of your very own! 


$50 /mo
Emailed set of images of my burlesque photoshoots as they happen. Tassels!