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About Tim Pelham

What is Mercury Fallen?

Manage a group of colonists as they attempt to survive underground on an alien world. Automated machine construction was sent ahead to create the Mercury facility, but something has gone wrong and your colonists awake to find the facility in ruin. Build structures, research new technologies and send out expeditions to the surface to ensure the survival of your new found home away from home.

Mercury Fallen is inspired by games such as Banished, Dungeon Keeper II and RimWorld. The game focuses on expansion and exploration.

Now available in Early Access on Steam.


Automated building technologies were sent ahead to ensure the creation of the Mercury facility and colonists, sent shortly after that, would be awoken from stasis upon their arrival. Due to a fault in the AI systems the colonists were awoken from stasis long after their intended time. In the mean time, without regular maintenance, the Mercury Facility has fallen in to ruin.

 Help your colonists rebuild the underground facility and ensure their survival on an alien world. Mine out materials and build walls, rooms, machines and grow crops. Assign your colonists professions such as Miner, Cook, Scientist, Engineer and more to better manage the daily activities of the facility. Research new technologies and send out expeditions to the surface to explore and learn about this new alien world as it may just turn out that you’re not alone.

Planned/Possible Features


Who wants to do manual labor? Use robots for the menial tasks such as mining and hauling.

Data Recovery 
Most of the blueprints for the facility machinery has been become corrupted. Use your colonists to recover the corrupted data and earn the ability to create new machines, upgrades and more. 

Alien Technologies
Alien artifacts can be found while digging out the underground that can be researched for special alien technologies.

Human Cloning
By using genetic cloning you can further improve your growing work force by splicing out bad behaviour and splicing in higher level abilities.

Building an operations room will allow your colonists to use vehicles to explore and harvest the surface of the planet.

Unity Asset Store

While my core focus is developing Mercury Fallen, I do have several products available for sale on the Unity Asset Store. At the moment this is my primary income to support further game development. If you are not able to support me here on Patreon, but are interested in game assets then check out my content on the  Unity Asset Store.

Why Support Me?

Do you like colony survival games? Do you like supporting indie developers? Do you just like the cut of my jib? These are all good reasons to support the development of Mercury Fallen. I’m focused and dedicated to creating a fun and engaging experience, but I need your help to do it. I’m generally not good when it comes to asking for help, which is probably why I’m the sole developer on this project.

I love colony games and I loved Dungeon Keeper II. Dungeon Keeper II, of course, was more of a combat oriented RTS then a colony game, but my favorite part was digging out rooms and hallways and building awesome dungeons. I also love science fiction so Mercury Fallen is the game I’ve always wanted to play. I look forward to creating a fun game for myself and others to enjoy.

Mercury Fallen Website: http://www.mercuryfallen.com
Nitrous Butterfly on Unity Asset Store
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With this amount I'll be able to invest in additional content for Mercury Fallen that I'm not able to make myself. This includes better sound effects and, especially, music.
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