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About Traci Lovelot

About Me

I love, love, LOVE reverse harem, and I bet you do too since you're here!

What I love about PNR & fantasy romance reverse harems:
  • 🌏 Cool worldbuilding — places I wish I could visit, if only they existed in real life
  • 👧 Characters in loving relationships & finding true love with more than one person
  • 💓 Badass chicks getting everything they could ever dream of with more than two hot guys!

Why choose just one?

My goals are: 
  • To keep you as a reader excited by characters you wish you knew in real life, in worlds you wish you could explore
  • To become a master of writing characters you really care about
  • To create stories that make a difference in women’s lives by:
    • Featuring women who advocate for themselves, who work hard to have healthy relationships with multiple people
    • Demonstrating loving, caring, relationships involving multiple people where the female main character is fulfilled in different ways by all of her love interests
    • Showing consenting adults doing sexy things they all find fun because women enjoy sex too!
  • To build a community of open-minded female-identifying people and allies like you.
  • To gain financial independence, which will enable me to:
    • Travel the world to gain further inspiration for my stories
    • Spend more time doing what I love (traveling, writing, and being with great people)
    • Use future earnings to enable my parents to age with dignity

That's why I'm here! Anything you can chip in will help me toward these goals. I'd be honored if you would adopt me as an author you want to support. Thanks to you, my dreams draw closer every day!

Check out my projects at and

About Patreon

🗿 In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, writers often received their income not from their audiences, but from wealthy patrons who commissioned their work. Patreon brought this concept into the modern era: Nowadays, fans can directly support the authors they love and gain access to exclusive benefits. That way, authors like me can stay true to my fans.

How it works

When you sign up, you pick one of the Membership Levels listed on this page. At the beginning of the month, your chosen payment method is charged for the amount listed (plus tax depending on where you live). Patreon takes a small cut and sends the rest over to me. In exchange for your hard-won cash, I give you cool benefits such as early access to books before they're published. See more benefits listed in the Membership Levels. You can ⬆ upgrade or ⬇ downgrade Levels anytime or ❌cancel anytime. No hard feelings!

Where your money goes

Here are some of the expenses I can pay for thanks to my Patreon supporters:
  • 🌐 hosting and web addresses for my author website and for Why Choose? Romance Club
  • 📘 cover art, editing, and other services from professionals who help me make my books the best they can be
  • 📋 registration fees for writing conferences and my continuing education — because being an indie author makes me a small business owner who has to keep up with a constantly evolving industry in the Internet age
  • 📚 services I use like BookFunnel that helps fans like you download my ARCs / ebooks free to your device of choice
  • 💻 new keyboards, laptop stands, and other things that keep my writing desk more ergonomic so I can stay healthy while writing all hours of the day
  • 💰 and other, more boring expenses I wish I didn't have to bother with
The support of fans like you helps me afford all of this, so I can focus on writing more. Check out the Goals section to learn more about what we can do in the future with your help!

Awesome, exclusive benefits

Check out the Membership Levels listed on this page. My Patreon supporters get stuff like:
  • 🎫 Backstage passes: See what I'm up to, give your input, and interact with me personally
  • 📚 Bonus books and other milestone content
  • Voting rights on Important Matters 😊

What are you waiting for? The sooner you sign up, the sooner you get access. Thanks so much for your support!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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