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Hello and welcome to the TradCafe Patron page! TradCafe is a podcast created and hosted by Celtic/Jazz pianist Neil Pearlman as a platform for great traditional musicians to share their stories in an intimate peer-to-peer conversation and musical collaboration. Starting with that central concept and adapting to the coronavirus pandemic TradCafe has also started sponsoring streaming concerts and video collaborations with artists who have been on the podcast. Here on Patreon you can be a part of that mission by joining a community of fans who have pledged support on a monthly basis. In return you'll gain access to exclusive content, discounts on merchandise and the chance to be more directly involved with the show itself. We look forward to having you on board! 

The Show:
All around the world right now, amazing creative, thoughtful and driven musicians are carrying their musical traditions forward into the new millennium. The relationship between cultural traditions and original creativity is complicated one that lays bare the myriad ways that music plays a role in our lives and societies. From community building to individual artistic expression, social activism to deep personal relationships, music plays a fundamental role in our lives and the musicians who create these moments have a unique perspective.  

The goal of TradCafe is to present accomplished and unique musicians chatting informally with Neil, peer-to-peer in long form conversations. Paired with live unplanned musical collaborations, these conversations give the listener a window on the artist's journey and creativity in a way that doesn't happen in a more polished media interview. Hopefully through their struggles and successes we can glean inspiration and new ideas for our own endeavors, discovering new music along the way.

Featured Artists and Streaming Concerts
TradCafe is introducing new programming in response to the coronavirus pandemic! In order to support the growing community of artists who have been forced to cancel all their work for the foreseeable future TradCafe is working to present live streaming concerts and paying artists to create musical collaboration and interview videos with Neil. The first batch of streaming concerts will happen May 21-25, 2020 (Memorial Day weekend in the US) and the concerts will be recorded and one will be made available to be rewatched by Patreon supporters each month. 

Also, starting at once artist per month TradCafe will present a featured artist with two collaboration videos and a short interview video following up with the artist's creative work and life since their podcast episode aired. One video will be released to the public and the other two will be available to Patrons on this page. If we raise enough money to support it we will expand the program to more featured artists each month. 

Why Patreon?
As with most podcasts, TradCafe is free to subscribe and listen to (, and we're committed to keeping that model in place. But the show is not free to produce. There are overhead costs with media hosting, online presence and maintaining recording equipment, not to mention the hours of work it takes to record, edit, publish and promote each episode. Normally a podcast would cover these costs with advertising, but I don't like the idea of filling the show with ads, not to mention that the niche nature of the show is not well suited to building a huge mainstream audience. So that's where Patreon comes in!

With Patreon I can bypass the corporate model and connect directly to you, the fans. If you want to help us keep the show afloat you can pledge a monthly contribution that you know is going directly to the show. In return I'll keep you in the loop about what's ahead for the show, give you access to bonus content that didn't make it into the episodes, take your submitted questions in upcoming episodes and give you the chance to chat directly with me about the show. 

Check out the rewards for pledges on the right side of the page and look to the left side for a series of milestone goals and what each would mean for the development of the show!

If you're still reading, you've already invested some time in this project so thanks for that! I hope to be able to welcome you to our TradCafe Patreon community soon!

$375.90 of $500 per month
At this point TradCafe will be able to fund two featured artists a month! This will mean twice the collaboration videos and follow up interviews for Patrons and two publicly posted collabs per month. 
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