Trae is creating Webcomics and Podcasts

$1 /mo
I will sing of your mighty deeds. At home. In private. Where no one can hear me.

$5 /mo
I will email you a personal thank you.

$10 /mo
Access to the PDF vault -- where you can download the PDFs of all my books for offline reading -- in print level quality.  They look pretty sweet on high resolution screens.

$20 /mo
You get access to the PDF vault AND I will do a digital sketch of any character you want me to (be it one of my own characters or fan art) in either the UnCONventional style or Crosarth's.  I'll do...

$35 /mo
Everything at the $20 tier, plus I'll give you a cameo appearance in UnCONventional.

$50 /mo
US RESIDENTS ONLY - The Books package. You'll get the PDF locker, a digital sketch, AND a copy of all of my books (sent one per month at first until you're caught up and then a new book with every ...