Leandro Zerbinatti de Oliveira

is creating Rendered 3d Images of superheroines and fantasy heroines.

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About Leandro Zerbinatti de Oliveira


My name is Leandro Zerbinatti, and I´m producing 3d rendered images of superheroines and other fantasy heroines in action and peril.

As a fan of superheroes (specially superheroines ;-) ) and fantasy in general, I have great fun in creating images based in these two themes.

Of course, sometimes I like to escape from the clichés. So, instead of doing all the classic images of superheroines saving the day, I decided to invest in something less usual, so, here sometimes they lose. Yes, they may win some days, but I´m not shy to try something of a darker approach.

So if you like the superheroines in peril/defeat art, and also, of course, epic superhero/fantasy scenes, here is the right place for you!

Some of my art will be sequential (a story told in various panels), other will consist in a single image. I used to do 3d comics, but in this case, quality demands more time, so I prefer to do shorter stories, with greater graphic quality, then the opposite.

So, why would I charge you for that? Well, because it´s an activity that demands time, and also has its own costs. In order to create the best scenes, I need to acquire 3d models, and they are not for free. It means, I´m investing money in this activity, so, your patronage will be a way for me to recover a little of the investment, and also a way for you to receive some nice and exclusive and personalized rewards.

Yes, because, besides the general rewards, some of my patrons will be able to commission their own scenes involving my characters. Want to see (insert character name here) fighting (insert character here) in (insert place here)? You can. For some of my patrons, all you need to do is to ask (see the contribution/rewards options for details).

So, that is it. Hope you be interested enough by my art to be my patron. Feel free to check my deviant art (http://tragicheroinescomics.deviantart.com), and to contact me if you have any doubts.


By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 856 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 856 exclusive posts

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