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Even though the app is free, there are direct costs for the digital services we need to have the servers running with speed and stability.

Now you can have peace of mind knowing you are helping us keeping the wheels spinning on those magic computer systems.
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Developing our software is a 24/7/365 effort done by Peter and Bjørn, two keen bikers (who also happen to understand how to talk and shout at computers to make them do what we want).

Pledging 10 euros per month goes a long way supporting us with bread and butter and a beer every Friday afternoon (after we have paid the costs for the digital services running Trailguide)
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Pledging 15 euros per month will make you a Trailguide super-hero in our minds and we will help you, guide you and support you in your biking endeavours around the world (digitally of course).

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Since 2013 we have been working to create the best digital app and service for you to find the most awesome trails for mountain biking around the world and around the corner. You can share own favorite trails for others to enjoy and help build our great community of mountain bikers.

We want to give you the best user experience we can and try to keep the app free of ads and at the same time keeping it free of charge. However, there are significant direct costs tied to the digital services we need to keep the service running, as well as tons of development hours of course (something we love, along with biking great trails).

Even though the app is free of charge, you now have the chance to support us to create an even better service by signing up as a Patreon.

We hope you will join our ranks of supporters :)
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Our first goal is to cover the digital costs to run Trailguide as a fast and stable service at all times. To do this efficiently we need to use such services as cloud servers, map services, translation services, address services, image services, domain registrations, security certificates, and others.
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