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About Trail POV

I seek to guide you down as many interesting trails in the world as possible. I want to give you a better sense of where to go and what to expect when you're there. I want to help people go beyond their 'normal trails' to explore and enjoy new adventures and challenges.

Your support helps me to continue bringing you new content every week as well as providing a path forward to better videos in more locations around the world!

My name is Matt and I grew up in North Vancouver, BC....a go to destination for mountain bikers from around the world. Over the years I have raced XC, moved over to all-mountain and enduro mountain biking and more recently cyclocross (CX) racing. I love the fitness that comes from all forms of activities outdoors along with the amazing people and views you see along the way. Hope I can inspire you to head out by giving you a POV shot as I explore new trails.
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When I reach $100 per month, I'll start including third person trail perspective shots in my videos, as I'll be able to justify more camera equipment
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