is creating strange home-finding adventures for adoptable dogs
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Fleabags are often undervalued by mistake; it's advantageous to be a fleabag if you know your value.

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Mange is even better than fleas at disguising really cool mutts.

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Dogs with trust issues are often overlooked as too difficult, but they make the loyalist companions among all the loyal companions.

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About @trailsandbears

The dog community has been incredibly supportive of my project since I started volunteering. After logging over 4000 volunteer hours in almost two years, I've found myself with a specific skill set that I feel responsible to use and to share with others.

I want to showcase dogs near and far who are having a tough time finding their perfect home. I'm a firm believer that no matter how strange the dog, there's a strange human out there who's a perfect match. 

I wrote an eGuide that I supply for free to anyone who wants to know how to get started volunteering using social media to get dogs adopted. The guide is a work in progress, but it's already being used by volunteers around the world. I want to improve the guide and increase it's distribution to anyone who can use it to help animals.

My goal is to do more for adoptable dogs by:
  • expanding the list of organizations I volunteer for (more dogs on more strange adoption adventures)
  • consulting with shelters who need social media help
  • increasing the reach and effectiveness of my guide
By using the Patreon platform, I'm hoping to make an impact on the shelter system on behalf of dog lovers everywhere without any cost to animal shelters.

Please join the Trails and Bears Dog Team! Together, we can change the way society sees dogs in shelters and tip the scales in their favour!

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