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Hello! My name is Taylor aka Swankk0cean and I am YOUR Personal Trainer and Nutritionist who will be guiding you through your Fitness Journey all 365 days of the year! 

Who knew that when I started this journey I’d be creating the first REVENGE BODY in history!

I started exercising because of a stress induced eating disorder that developed from my depression. I wanted to heal myself without medicine, crazy diets, and fad workout trends. I started to workout in the gym and learned to heal myself from within using FOOD as MEDICINE. I sculpted my body by learning how to EAT and TRAIN in ways not common in the industry. I shared my story on Instagram and people wanted my help! Since then, REVENGE BODY GYM has changed lives WORLDWIDE with my holistic healing workout programs and meal plans. And now, I am so excited to bring the "Train Like Swankk" program to Revenge Body by Swankk.

Please read my "What To Expect from Train Like Swankk" program post to find out more details on the program and how it can help YOU reach your health and fitness goals! 
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Get EXCLUSIVE access to my full workout routines that come with a clear cut workout schedule + verbal and written instructions, FULL HD recipe videos, my food journals, recipe books + meal prepping guides + shopping lists, and my NEED TO KNOW tips that have LIFE LASTING results if you stay consistent! 

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