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This is truly free music, on so many levels. You can hear it as often as you want,  no strings attached. Moreover, it has been freely improvised in free time with no expectations or deadlines or agendas. It is also free-range, grass-fed, locally produced and 100% organic.

Thank you for visiting. I make music with my violin and viola and stuff when I'm not being a parent and freelancing as a violinist and composer.
This music is all my original work, spontaneously composed and produced. Please feel free to listen, download and share as much as you like.


The donation option is there in case you feel compelled to support me in being able to make room for generating this kind of art in my life. Doing this is incredibly fulfilling for me, and I think you can imagine how deeply grateful I am for any support in this direction. 
I'm not currently able to post on a schedule, but I'm always working on new stuff. I am, however, offering paying patrons high-quality downloads of my music long before anyone else gets them... 

You can read more about me at my website

All music on this page written, performed and produced by Cora Venus Lunny

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