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Thank you so much for the support! <3
You have no idea how much this helps, and how much I appreciate you!

Passion Project - Cosplay Ball

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You've read about my Passion project in the Bio and want to support my vision! I can't thank you enough. In this tier you'll learn about all of the work going into this project. This truly means the world to me.  There will be a KickStarter with more details for 2022 coming soon.

- Access to my feed behind the scenes and selfies of the project and occasional life/cosplay selfies. 

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My goodness guys! I am truly humbled!

- All the above rewards!
- Access to my Patreon feed with progress photos,  any tutorials, behind the scenes pics, life videos. 



About Tranquil Ashes

My name is Anita, a.k.a Tranquil Ashes! I'm a nerd life
enthusiast residing in Baltimore, Maryland! I have always loved anime,
video-games, comics, fantasy, voice acting, modeling, and dressing up. I've been to 20 countries and want to go to more! I love traveling <3 .
My hobbies consist of cosplay, gamer in training
(been playing games my whole life but want to get better), crafting, makeup artistry,
anything nerd related, GAME OF THRONES fangirling and much more.

 I have created this Patreon Page in order to give those who want to support my work and life goals a chance to do so. Cosplay/Modeling/Entertainment and design is both expensive and timely arts, as all of my costumes/podscasts/nerd content
are made by me or collaborated on with fellow artisans. 
With the success of this page, in the near future I hope to create
new cosplays and makeup tutorials monthly, as well as fund travel to
numerous out of state conventions and events. These  funds will go towards materials, outfits, photo-shoots and producing prints.
My current Passion Project is The CosGala. I will be hosting a Cosplay Masquerade Ball on September 2022
 . It will be a night of decadence and you don't want to miss it. To find out more about the ball and how you can attend.  Please go here: Welcome To The CosGala  I've also provided a support tier for those who'd like to simply help see this project come to fruition.
DISCLAIMER: All photo sets will be posted on the feed, but only for the month it's debuted. Once the month is over the images will be gone, so see them when you can!

Remember, you don't have to donate! Just your sharing and support means worlds to me.  Thank you for checking out my Patreon!

20% complete
Major cosplay projects and shoots for the upcoming con season! When this milestone is reached I will be able to comfortably create new costumes and travel to cons outside of my state and outside of the east coast. I will also in the future open a print store featuring prints!!

My Passion Project succesffully funded. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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