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The same US-only subscription to the booklet series as with the $7 tier where you'll be mailed a copy each month. But the increased amount you're paying will allow me to print & bind an additional copy which I'll hand deliver or mail to a trans woman for free. (I've been giving away copies to trans women since the first issue but the cost has been coming out of my own pocket, so I've set up this tier to make that practice more sustainable).




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I'm Jamie Berrout, author of a handful of books and co-editor/designer of Nameless Woman: An Anthology of Fiction by Trans Women of Color. In the past, I've written about the lack of publishing opportunities for trans women and how this parallels the general lack of opportunities available to us in life; and I've done some work, like with the anthology, to help change things so that trans women get to write, find support through writing, make some money at it, and have a better chance of surviving this world.

I created this Patreon to fund a booklet series that is a continuation of those efforts. As part of this series, formerly published under the imprint of the (now defunct) Trans Women Writers Collective, I'll be publishing a new booklet of writing by a different trans woman each month. By becoming a patron, you'll be subscribed to the series and each month you'll receive a new booklet in the mail. Each month will bring something different, so one month you might get thirty pages of speculative short fiction, the next month a chapbook of experimental poetry, and then perhaps a piece of long-form journalism or even an erotic novella that doubles as a meditation on depression and anxiety.

In more concrete terms, each month you'll be billed and I'll divide those funds three ways: one part to cover the costs of printing and shipping the booklets; a second part to cover the payment owed to that month's contributing writer ($300 as of June 2019); and, the third, an equal payment to me for editing, designing, printing, binding, shipping, etc. If the booklet series ever gets additional, outside funding, which it hasn't as of its second year of publication, I'll be able to (1) increase the amount I pay future contributing writers, (2) pay advances (cash grants paid up front with no strings attached) to writers who wouldn't be able to create work otherwise, (3) pay trans women artists to use their art for the booklet covers, (4) try out different, more innovative ways of printing and assembling the booklets, or (5) maybe pay myself enough to account for the truly vast time commitment each month's booklet will require.

Please note: Only US-based readers will be able to subscribe to the series and be mailed print copies each month. However, electronic versions of each booklet will be available to everyone through the Collective's website at no cost or purchasable directly from the individual contributing writers, depending on what works best for them. Readers outside the US are welcome to support the series by contributing less than the subscription cost ($1 to $6 per month) as a donation.

Extra print copies or back issues are available for purchase within the US over at our Gumroad shop here.
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As funding increases, the pay for each author and the editor will increase in parallel. At a funding level of $650, author's pay goes up to $250; at a level of $700, the editor's pay rises to match that $250/month. The more I can pay each author and the more fairly I'm compensated for the time I put into editing the series every day, the more possible it becomes to sustain this project over the long term.
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