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The Trans Yoga Project is currently an early-stages collaborative project to support trans people's spiritual wellness through community (re)education, advocacy within the yoga and wellness industries, community building, and the creation of supportive and affirming content and guided practices by and for trans and non-binary people. This group has committed to both internal and external work in service to ALL trans, non-binary, and queer siblings, and thus is vested in dismantling all systems of oppression, including white supremacy and capitalism in all of their manifestations.

The project's eight collaborators are all queer, trans, and non-binary yoga and meditation teachers based throughout the United States. This group originally joined forces to offer a single online Trans & Queer Inclusion Workshop for wellness professionals in August 2020; however, throughout the organizing process, the collective power of this group to fill additional resource gaps while simultaneously breaking down barriers to access for queer, trans, and non-binary practitioners became evident. 

*NOTE: Trans Yoga Project is a temporary name that describes what we're doing. Collaborators are currently undertaking a joint visioning process to more clearly and intentionally uncover how we will work with and relate to one another and our communities. A new name, to align with a formalized group vision and list of values, will be announced soon. The current and future work detailed here is not dependent on this ongoing process--this group has mutually committed to work described below.

What Are We Creating?

Collaborators have a variety of creations in the works, ranging from smaller-scale educational events and initiatives to much larger-scale content creation in support of trans and queer wellness. What can be accomplished (and when) depends heavily on your financial support to cover upfront costs and pay the project's collaborators for their labor.

Current Projects:

  • 2-hour Online Trans & Queer Inclusion Workshops for yoga teachers, studio owners, and other wellness professionals
  • a monthly (or more frequent) education & events newsletter for our patrons and mailing-list subscribers to aid in your ongoing (re)education and self-study
  • a trans/queer yoga & wellness blog with even more educational content geared towards cisgender and non-queer professionals AND articles geared towards queer & trans community members to support their spiritual and wellness practices

Future Projects (Pending Your Financial Support!):

  • an in-depth online course for yoga and wellness professionals who are committed to equity, access, and liberation for trans, non-binary, and queer people
  • an ongoing podcast dedicated to trans wellness and spiritual practice
  • a library of online yoga and meditation practices by and for trans and non-binary people
  • an index of studios and business that have proven their commitment and taken steps to create more inclusive and affirming environments
  • a network of trans and non-binary yoga and wellness professionals who support one another's continued growth and professional development, accompanied by a directory through which trans students can find classes with trans teachers

Who Is Involved?

In this initial iteration, the Trans Yoga Project team consists of the following eight collaborators, each of whom embody various intersecting identities and bring a unique set of skills and perspectives to our work:

Patron Tiers & Benefits

The collaborators mutually believe that access should not be determined by wealth. Therefore, the benefits to patrons at every tier are the same:

  • an automatic subscription to our monthly (and possibly more frequent) newsletter containing educational resources and events, calls to action, and practical tools for your self-study
  • first access to new blog content
  • sneak peaks and first looks at future projects (online course, podcast, etc.)
  • access to polls and surveys that will help inform our offerings and meet your needs

Anyone may contribute at any tier. However, the $2/mo. tier is primarily intended for trans and BIPOC folks who wish to support our work, access our resources, and contribute via polls and surveys to inform our direction. The $100/mo. tier is primarily for white and cisgender folks with disproportionate access to wealth who wish to support our work while redistributing capital.

If you desire to contribute more than $100 monthly or would like to supplement your monthly giving with a one-time contribution, please contact the collaborators. 

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