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About National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand

A fund to stop the compulsory inhalation of a horrible poultry waste rendering smell in Ptuj, Slovenia, but completely legalise the inhalation of recreational cannabis in Slovenia which the majority there think is worse than heroin or cocaine. 

A fund for artistic and scientific interventions to support the victims of prohibition, and get rid of it. To educate misguided parents, aunties and uncles in the relative risks of soft and hard drugs, to derail the coming takeover of marijuana and its derivatives by big pharma and the oligarchs' cousins, and to satirise and expose their front organisations using a wit and wisdom of which Slovenia is generally economically and temperamentally incapable, the miserable shitkickers!

A fund to force Slovenia to pay tens of millions of euros if it does not meet international treaty obligations favourable to deregulation, lobby for legalisation of psychedelics, foster research in and allow the use of presently banned substances in the amelioration of Slovenians' ignorant propensity to get addicted to alcohol, opioids, snortables, and SSRIs, provide support, information and legal defences, eliminate discrimination against users, help the victims of prohibition, eliminate the leverage for extortion and blackmail created by prohibition, and give the population one less thing to mutter and snitch on each other about like jealous vipers.

A fund to make Slovenia safer, by exposing the hypocrites, religionists and wagon-followers among them who exploit prohibition for financial or political gain, especially out of private resentment or xenophobia, especially if their victims don't speak Slovene.

A fund to allow Slovenia's inhabitants to love and let live in the way they are portrayed in their tourism brochures.

A fund open to contributors worldwide - as Slovenia is either too poor, timid, politically hogtied, or mentally unbalanced from legal drugs to get out of the alco-hole it has dug for itself, and into which it has fallen or jumped.

And a fund which is necessary to economically punish and humiliate the anosmic chicken burghers of Ptuj into applying basic air pollution controls, because who wants to smell a chicken factory's pressure-cooked guts in the blistering heat on their historical cultural holiday?

This (it could be the cocaine) they have also convinced themselves is ok. 

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