Traveling Milk Productions is creating Web Series' and Films

$2 /creation
Eternal gratitude, and the videos keep coming.

$5 /creation
We'll write your name into one of our videos OR talk about you on the podcast. If you're lucky we'll make up some cool shit about you. Thank you for helping us get started!

$10 /creation
You get the soundtrack from our first film! This doesn't seem like much, but we're moving towards having much better prizes later on. However, the music is amazing, and was recorded at 3 Cord Studi...

$15 /creation
We are going to give you a special video thanks. I don't just mean in text, I mean we'll say your name. We'll also put you under our Top Sponsors" page on our website!

$50 /creation
You get a free digital copy of Trapped once it is fully completed!