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 Friends of Traveling Shamans will receive 

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* Encounters of the Shamanic Kind Every Thursday

* Invitations to ceremonies monthly  

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Wisdom teachers are listed in our directory and invited to make presentations throughout the year.  Benefits include:


* All the benefits of the previous level as well as 

* a listing in the directory on our official website at    www.ShamanicArts.Center

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Shamans Camp Patrons receive 

*  All benefits of previous levels

* One free special session ticket @ the annual Traveling Shamans Camp  for every three months of the previous year you have been a patron at this level or above. 

About Traveling Shamans

The Traveling Shamans is a cultural preservation & exchange program for shamanic artists, practitioners, & wisdom teachers, each of whom has agreed to travel periodically to facilitate practices and attitudes that promote personal growth and  increase respect and love for Pachamama - Grandmother Earth.

Medicine people or shamanic practitioners all over the world in many different cultures work with  trance, with dance, with different ways of spirit, with the drum, with breath work, and with other unique methods which we believe should be preserved and practiced - especially as they relate to promoting a better relationship with our planet.

We are so grateful for Patrons who provide not only material, but also vital spiritual and energetic support to the Traveling Shamans to Shamans Camp and to the Shamanic Arts Center in Hotchkiss, Colorado. Patrons may also provide lodging and food, protection rituals, help shamans with travel by providing plane tickets or other transportation from their homes for themselves and assistants. Elderly shamans may also require physical assistance during ceremonies or travel. Traveling Shamans often need drivers and technical assistance with technology and social media. If you have resources you'd like to share with the Traveling Shamans, please contact Julia Widdop at 970-200-LOVE. 

Wisdom teachers, interested hosts or potential patrons or volunteers can contact shaman whisperer, [email protected] to discuss your plans for working with us.

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The Traveling Shamans' goal is to preserve and exchange shamanic practices of shamanic artists and wisdom teachers in and for communities and programs that request them. The funding provided by patrons will help pay for meals and transportation for the traveling shamans, maintaining the official website, and promotions for these cultural events. Sponsor patrons will receive recognition on the official website and at any festivals we produce or attend. Thank you for your support, Julia Widdop  970-200-LOVE. www.ShamanicArts.Center
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