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Travel Lemming has always offered detailed travel guides to the world's emerging travel destinations, as well as practical travel tips and info on how to live the digital nomad lifestyle.

And, with the sole exception of my flagship Travel Lifestyle Course, all of my content to date has been 100% free. 

Unfortunately, that ad-supported business model simply does not work for a travel blog during a pandemic. When this crisis hit, more than 90% of the site's income evaporated within a matter of days.

So it's time to get creative .... 

To help make sure I can continue producing the high-quality content that made Travel Lemming popular in the first place, I'm a launching a Patreon membership program for my most-loyal community members. 

Travel Lemming isn't asking for your charity, though - we're creating a membership program loaded with awesome perks, rewards, and exclusive content not available elsewhere. 

Let's quickly run down what I'm offering to Travel Lemming patreons: 

Key Benefits of Joining the Travel Lemming Slice
(yep, a 'slice' is what a group of lemmings is called)

1. Exclusive Access to Unfiltered Stories, Rants, and Tips (All Tiers) 

When it comes to talking about travel, longtime readers know that I like to call it like it is, and that have zero patience for bull***t. But now things are going to get even more real, because I'm going totally raw and unfiltered for Patreon supporters. 

Having a very public platform often comes with an invisible muzzle. It can be hard to be too public about my private life or my thoughts on controversial subjects when so many people are watching. 

But I'm ripping off that muzzle!

All Patreon members will get exclusive access to my "Close Friends" Instagram stories, where I'll host all the juicy stories that aren't fit for public consumption. You'll also get access to periodic "Nate Unfiltered" posts on Patreon - where I'll write longer-form blog posts that are too controversial or too public to post on the main blog. 

2. Access to the Travel Lifestyle Course (Nomad, Trailblazer, and VIP tiers)

If you have ever thought about what it would be like to travel the world full time, the Travel Lifestyle Course is the best place to start! 

It's filled with 50+ video lessons by me and other digital nomads about every aspect of the digital nomad lifestyle. 

While now might not be the best time to start a nomadic life, it's a great time to start preparing for down the line. Plus, half the course covers skills related to remote-work, which is more important now than ever. 

(note: I will need to manually add you as a student in the course, so access may up to take 24 hours after signup)

3. Private Video Coaching With Me (Trailblazer and VIP tiers) 

Need help talking through an issue related to your online business? Want some advice for planning your next vacation? Or maybe you have questions about how to become a digital nomad or travel blogger? 

However I can help you, let's talk about it over video! And by signing up for our VIP tier, we can make it a monthly thing - giving us more time to problem shoot together. 

4. We'll Setup and Design Your Travel Blog (Blogger Tiers)

Many of you have told me that you'd love to start a travel blog, but are put off by process of actually getting it up and running. 

And, look I totally understand - when I first started blogging, I did everything myself, and I know how hard getting started can be if you are new to blogging! I remember spending two straight days in the basement of a hostel in Kyrgyzstan just trying to figure out how to get a simple photo inserted into a post. 

These days I have a team that helps me with all of that, and they are great at what they do! And since we now have some extra time on our hands, my team and I are offering a few select members of the highest Patreon tier the opportunity to have us set up and design your blog as a turnkey service! 

You'll also get your monthly video call with me, which is a great opportunity for working one-on-one on ideas to improve your site!

What Other Ideas Do You Have?

This is just the start of something great! I'll be taking suggestions from the Patreon community on Instagram for other ways we can continue to add value to members of our slice! 

Thank you for your support!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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