Tomasz Pragski

is creating Restored nutrition veggies, photography. Praecology farm

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One seed only, make things possible. Many seeds will bring whole garden, farm into existance.
I'm greatfull for all seeds that support Travnik.

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When farms grow for people, people are strong and healthy.

I like to think that support is like telling:
- I do like possible outcome.

Still bit niche but challenging the world not by empty gestures and thinking that someone will bring order but by creating space for ideas that matters. By my own mind, morality.

Your support is fundamental for going further, thank You.

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Health is future. Best to keep it in our hands and minds.

By support, You drive progress tempo. Goals are comming and I do feel excitement thinking about our potential. Thank You!

If You like, I will mention You in one of episodes.

And if we're all right here, lets get back to work.




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Travnik is all about praecology. Creating wise opportunities to promote and sustain local way of living and minimize losses to health and surroundings.
By creating easy to adapt baseline for little farm. Focusing on harmless ways of farming and maximizing food nutrition values. 
Praekologiczne gospodarstwo Travnik is aiming on minimal carbon input. For season it's like 0,5 for month based on web calculator.

Long term goals are reason to start looking for support. To speed things up.
Things like renewables, EV's, bioplastics are good. Lets do more with fundamentals: food and as natural consequence - health.

On farm, praecology means eliminating all bad agricultural habits. Bad for humans, earth and life underground, which should take care about our crops.
I'm fascinated by hemp. It's divercity in uses is astonishing. Whole plant could be source of resources for at least 1400 industrial products. Could be use on local scale. From food to cloaths, plastics, homes. Hemp can solve small villages economical problems. Boosting finances, providing working places and restoring constructive cooperation.

First test garden, from 2017 (img left). It worked great. In sand, mostly, poor soil life quality. Few simple methods changed crops in food quality and size.

Agricultural goal is to reach veggies with fully restored, naturally maxed nutrition values. I'd like to compare my crops with permaculture, bio certificated and conventional food. That will cost small fortune, so this will be like a dream coming true. I got few years for makeing it possible.

Year "zero" (img right) on Praekologiczne gospodarstwo Travnik farm.

Praecology farms could be scaled and supply many more people.
Know-how's will emerge and will be a gift for supporters courious about getting healthier just by changing food and thinking about things that surrounds us.

Your support would greatly help Travnik to complete those goals and change out tables to reflect love we have for all that we feed.

It's awsome to have You here, thank You!
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It's a great way to tune up and hard focus on project.
2018 was proof that it can work, so lets reach further!

200 patrons will let me focus much more on doing then thinking. Fundamentaly good for project.
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